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PHONIRO CARE - Digital access for the home care services

The daily handling of keys is a security and cost critical matter in the care of people living in their own homes. To provide elderly care, the home care services need several keys to each apartment or house. Keys that can be lost, copied or simply not in the hands of the right home care team in an emergency situation.

In addition, surveys show that about 10 percent of the home care services’ time is spent on handling keys. Handling keys means administration of keys, waiting for colleagues to get the right key and extra travelling time. With Phoniro Care, traditional keys are replaced by a digital key. Home care services use their mobile phones to access the caretakers’ homes. It is perhaps not surprising that the system is already installed in more than 80,000 Scandinavian homes, helping the home care services to solve the key issue.

Simple and safe

With Phoniro Care the actual caretaking is given more time as a result of the digital access solution offered. Caretakers can be safe knowing that their key is in safe hands, and they can still access their homes independently and stay safe using the regular key.


The Phoniro Care system consists of a door unit, mobile phone application and the server software. The door unit is easily fitted over the existing lock on the inside of the care takers’ doors, damaging neither the door nor the doorframe. Authorization is set in the server software Phoniro Care via a web interface. Access to each door can be tailored for each individual, allowing maximum security. The digital keys are updated online and downloaded to the accurate mobile phones automatically. The system also registers who locked and unlocked the door and when.

The home care service staff logs into the mobile application with a personal username and password. The system then gives the right person the appropriate authorization and digital keys. The same mobile phone can therefore be used by several people working different shifts.

For export matters please contact:

Palle Madsen
Tel: +45 60158530
Mail: palle.madsen(at)phoniro.dk

Finland and Norway
Hans Almgren
Tel: +46 10-4567 212
Mail: hans.almgren(at)phoniro.se

Linda Lundvall
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Mark Sas
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Other countries
Gonzalo Ugalde
Tel: +46 (0)10 4567 269
Mail: gonzalo.ugalde(at)phoniro.se

Respects caretakers’ personal integrity

Invisible from the outside of the door

Improves access for home care services

Increases safety and security

Follow-up on all visits – who, when, what

Regular keys can still be used

Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to move

No damage to neither door, nor doorframe

Battery powered