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PHONIRO CARE - An innovative IT platform

All our solutions have something in common. They are collectively known as Phoniro Care in a single IT platform. Our solutions are designed to help you on your journey towards a secure, safe and effective health care, and thereby creating a better quality of life for our elderly. Our IT platform is suitable for residential care, sheltered housing as well as the functional disability and home care field.

The platform Phoniro Care is made up of different modules that can be used individually or together in a single system solution. The various modules are:

  1. Digital key management
    Keyless residential care or a keyless environment in different types of retirement homes.

  2. Time and input monitoring
    Securing quality of residential care and sheltered housing. Registers visits,
 visiting hours, type of input and who conducted the visit.

  3. Alarm
    Enables centralised management and monitoring of alarm incidents and realtime operation. Used for security alarms in both private and sheltered housing.

  4. Documentation
    Documenting with a digital pen or mobile phone in residential care, sheltered housing,
    within functional disability or home care field.

  5. Analysis
    Information from Phoniro Care can be easily filtered, tweaked and broken
 down in detail. Develop specific ratios, qualified decisions,
 analyse and follow up actions.

  6. E-health
  7. The health diary is based on the patient keeping a health diary at home.
  8. The information is transferred to a central system. The caregiver is thereby continuously

  9. Provided with information about the patient’s health status.

  10. Integration
    Phoniro Care has a well-built integration module providing
 integration with most operating systems on the market.

Phoniro Care - an IT platform for entire care operations

An intuitive and user friendly system

Clever tools – use digital
 pen or mobile phone or both and in same system

Innovative solutions for a secure,
 safe and effective health care

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