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Being able to analyse and monitor the activities, be able to create and monitor key performance indicators and to generate qualified decision making is something that has been requested by many of our customers.

In the Analysis module it is possible to turn and tweak the information contained in Phoniro Care’s database yourself to get the key performance indicators in for example quality and efficiency. All underlying data in Phoniro Care is completed which facilitates advanced statistical analyses to be carried out with very good performance and with close operational terms. With the Analysis module it is possible to self-analyse key performance indicators and monitor the operational development over time and the use of qualified decision support. The module is delivered as a service in which data is accessed in a secure manner over the internet. It does not require any special software on your computer. The statistical analyses can be done directly from Excel or even from a standard web browser.

The information can easily be filtered, tweaked and broken down in detail so that different perspectives can be highlighted.

Because the information is processed in advance, the analyses can be done without the risk for error. This increases the security of the data analyses. All data is depersonalised concerning care recipients and staff to ensure privacy protection.

Every night data is transferred from Phoniro Care’s production database. The information is depersonalised and stored in a statistical database. After that, the information is processed and a variety of calculations are carried out.

Possible to self-analyse
 and follow up actions

Possible to turn and tweak the
 information in Phoniro Care and e.g.
 create and monitor key performance indicators

Advanced statistical analysis can
 be done with very good performance

Requires no installation on your local
 computer. Can be done with Excel or a
 web browser