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PHONIRO CARE – Documentation

Phoniro Systems is the world leader in documenting with digital pen and paper within nursing and care. This module makes it possible to document at the home of the care recipient using a digital pen or using a mobile phone. Because Phoniro Care supports any kind of paper documentation it fits the solution in residential care, sheltered housing as well as the functional disability and home care field.

Within residential care, sheltered housing as well as functional disability field

Staff use the digital pen within these fields for example for medical records and signing lists such as for medicines. The documenting can be done in the care recipient’s folder and is thereby easily accessible for the care recipient and authorised staff. The information is automatically transferred from the digital pen to Phoniro Care, and on to any external systems, e.g. operating system.

Within home care field

Documenting in the home care field, the patient communicates via a health diary at home. The patient writes in the health diary with the digital pen. The information is automatically transferred to Phoniro Care. The care giver can see trends, read messages from the patient and get an alarm in case of abnormalities, such as breakthrough pain.


Staff use the digital pen to document at the care recipient’s home. It could be anything from writing daily notes to establishing an implementation plan. Notes in Phoniro Care are always connected to a certain entry type. Entry types can be configured as needed, for example to keep track of notes of different types or notes in different statutory provisions. Staff document with the digital pen on the platform provided with a unique pattern. The transfer to Phoniro Care occurs automatically when the digital pen is placed in a docking station or wirelessly via a mobile phone. Phoniro Care interprets the handwritten information and converts it to a digital format and creates a digital copy of the form. It is also possible to document in Phoniro Care via a mobile app.


Handy tool for documenting
 within nursing and care

Simple technique with pen and paper
 but with digital benefits

The digital pen provides a cost
 effective and reliable mobile solution

Ability to create customer-specific
 forms for different types of

Stores an exact copy of the handwritten document

The digital pen can be used
   with mobile phones