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PHONIRO CARE – Integration

Phoniro Care has a well-built integration module. We want everyone to be able to use Phoniro Care regardless of the system that is already being used by the local authority. We currently have partnerships with several large operating systems. The integration capabilities include automatic transfer of care recipients from the operating system to Phoniro Care and thereby avoiding duplication.

The core of the integration module is a domain model based on the experiences in nursing and care. This makes for a good opportunity to integrate Phoniro Care with different operating systems within the nursing and care sector, both at present and in the future. The integration module is based on web services.


The integration module has general web services that external suppliers can use to develop integrations with Phoniro Care. The web services have a simple and clear structure, which together with the accompanying documentation make it easy to work with. The module also has custom web services to several commercially available operating systems. The integration module has high interoperability and security. Both incoming and outgoing XML messages can be logged for high traceability and the module also has the possibility for expanded logging capabilities.

Support for integration with many operating systems on the market

Contains general web services
  which can be used by external
  suppliers for integration with
  Phoniro Care

High security