tid insatts hem phoniro

PHONIRO CARE – Time and attendance within residential care

Phoniro Care with time and attendance is a good choice to easily document and assure the quality of residential care services. The demand for time and monitoring tools has steadily increased in recent years. This is probably due to compensation and fee models becoming more sophisticated, which means that Sweden’s local authorities are making greater demands on time management. The system is proven as most local authorities who have a time and input monitoring currently, use Phoniro Care.

The system is based on the right information being recorded in the system. There is therefore a regulatory framework tailored to the local authority’s rules on compensation and fees. The regulations are also intended to make it easier for staff to record the information.


In one system, staff can use a mobile phone and/or digital pen to record visits, visiting hours, who conducted the visit and what action was taken. To ensure that information is recorded at the resident’s home acknowledgements are used through, for example, a digital lock, a confirmation button or a QR code.

When documenting with a digital pen, forms are used for example for recording input, ongoing documentation and signing for medications. The digital pen stores all documentation that is written during a shift and then transferred automatically when staff put the pen in a docking station connected to a computer. If staff uses a mobile phone to document input and ongoing documentation, all information is stored online in the system.

There is a variety of standard reports, but it is also possible to generate customer-specific reports or use the analysis module if specific information is required. This information provides a good basis to develop and follow up actions.

Phoniro Care has an open integration interface but there are also ready-made integrations to most operating systems on the market. Integrations secure the flow of information and reduce duplications by staff. They also provide a basis for economic transactions, such as compensation and fees can be handled in the operating system.

Time and attendance by
 mobile phone and/or digital pen in
 one system

Flexible tools for quality management
 of the residential care service

Unique regulatory framework that aids staff
   and creates accurate information

Mobile documentation with connection to
 the operating system

Simple and efficient user interface
 with minimal training effort

Several standard reports for effective

Support for integration to most
 operating systems on the market